Bulk Scale | Vehicle Scale | Portable Scale | Livestock Scale

Since 1958, J & S Scale has been manufacturing quality weighing systems, including truck weigh scales and other portable scales. Our quality scale solutions answer the needs of our clients by providing:

  • Accuracy
  • Convenience, and
  • Enduring quality, with the heaviest duty scales on the market today!

We have the ability to custom create a scale to fit any of our customer’s needs and requirements, including truck weigh scales and portable scales.


Bulk Scales

    • 2K bu./hr cap


    • 10K bu./hr cap


    • 15K bu./hr cap


  • 20K bu./hr cap

Livestock Scales

    • Flat Top livestock


    • Flat Top single animal


    • Flat Top squeeze chute


    • Small Animal scale


  • Ring Type combination

Vehicle Scales

  • Low Profile Flat Top weigh carriage steel deck
    • 2 section
    • 4 section
    • Portable Vehicle
    • Extensions
  • Low Profile Side Rail concrete deck
    • 2 section
    • 3 section
    • 4 section
  • Portable Axle Scale
  • Small Vehicle
  • Pit Type Mechanical Level Systems